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​Boonville Public Schools use a variety of ways to inform our community about school closings and emergencies.  Alert messages are sent through Eventlink and Twitter.  Parents and guardians who have signed up for the Parent Portal receive email alerts.  For more information or to sign up for Eventlink or Twitter alert messages, please see the instructions below.  

School closings will be posted on KWRT and three area television stations:  KOMU(8), KRCG(13) and KMIZ(17).  You can also find School closings and other important information on the Boonville R-1 social media sites: 

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Boonville R-1 School District uses Eventlink to schedule events and send messages to school groups as well as instant alerts in the event of a school closing or emergency.  ​​If yo​u want to opt in, please click on any of the links below for more information.  If you have any problems using Eventlink, please contact our account representative, Amanda Soulinge at or call 1-800-705-7526.​

Create an Eventlink Account
​Eventlink FAQ​
Activating Eventlink Contact Points
​Removing Schools From Eventlink
Syncing an Eventlink Calendar to Your Calendar​​​​

​Receiving Email Alerts But Not Texts

When the Pinwheel merged with Eventlink, we had problems with current users not being able to receive text messages from Eventlink.  This should not be an issue for new users.  To start receiving text messages from Eventlink, you'll need to send a message to them.  Open a new text message and i​n the recipient field, type 343-434 and in the message field type Y and send.  Your message should look like this:

IMG_4511.PNG ​​

The next step depends on whether your phone number is activated or not.  First, log on to Eventlink and go to Manage Profile. 

If your phone number DOES NOT have the little red circle with a white ! in it, delete your phone number and then re-add it.  You should get an activation text shortly after.

​If your phone number DOES have the little red circle with a white ! in it, click the drop down menu on the left of your phone number and choose Resend​ Activation Code.  You should get an activation text shortly after.


parent por​tal information​​

The district also utilizes Twitter's text messaging feature to send out alerts about school closings, early outs, late starts or emergencies IN ADDITION TO EVENTLINK.  You do not have to have a Twitter account to receive these alerts.  Simply text the words “follow BvilleR1Alerts" (with NO quotation marks) with your cell phone to the number 40404.  It is very important that you type the words above in quotations accurately or you will not receive the alerts.  See example below.


If everything is set up correctly, you should get a  text back from 40404 stating that you are following  bviller1alerts. You DO NOT have to reply START to  receive the texts.  That is only if you want to create  a Twitter account.  You can receive alert texts  without having a Twitter account.