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All the local scholarships require the use of the common application form. Boonville High School acts as the facilitator for the process. The school forwards applications to the various scholarship committees. The school does not select the recipients of the scholarships. 

In order to participate in the BHS application process, students must attend Boonville High School. After reading through the information on this page, complete the online application, indicating​ the scholarships for which they qualify. After receiving a student’s application, the Counseling Center will make that information available to the indicated scholarship committees. 

Applications should be completed and submitted by Friday, February 7, 2020​​​. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. (If you are absent from school on the deadline day you are still responsible for having your application submitted.) 

A student must meet all of the scholarship qualifications in order to apply for a particular scholarship. Some committees will also require an interview; some require letters of recommendation or additional essays. If a scholarship committee requires a letter of recommendation, that letter must be submitted with the application. If a committee requires an additional application, that application must be obtained from the Counseling Center and submitted with the other applications. Information which is additional to the common application form is the student’s responsibility.​

2019-2020 Local Scholarship Descriptions

Scholarship Procedure and Helpful Hints​