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Est. 1929

"Planting the Seed, Ripening the Future, Harvesting Success"

Boonslick Technical Education Center
1694 West Ashley Road
Boonville, MO 65233
660-882-5306 ext. 7210​
Advisors: Doug Henke & ​Deanna Thies
​"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
-Colin Powell​​ 

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Fundraising Information:
All fundraising items will need to be picked up on Monday, December 9th.  All items must be picked up between 3-6:30pm.

Copies of all order forms will be provided at pickup.  Orders must be loaded and checked by an advisor. Only 2 orders will be loaded at a time to ensure accuracy of pickup. 

All items must be delivered ASAP to avoid spoilage and ensure all items are correct.
 Make​ sure to keep track of upcoming activities through the website, Facebook page, Twitter, and on the activities calendar.
Activities count for participation points and everyone who earns 150 points or more will receive their leadership medal during banquet in May.
The Top 25 on the participation chart will get the chance to go on the end of the year rewards trip.
SENIORS: Make sure to check out the Awards Application page for information on​ scholarships.

The Economic Development Committee has been working on a idea to promote student's supervised agricultural experience programs. They have set up a Google Form that allows members who would like to sell SAE related products or provide services to complete the form and then the information will be published on the Facebook page. The form can also be completed by community members or other FFA members who are looking to purchase items or locating someone to provide a service.

Dues & Jacket Information:

Dues-Freshman through Junior $15.00

Dues-Senior $50.00 (1 + 3)

Jackets: $70.00 (includes jacket, embroidery, scarf/tie, and S & H)

All dues and jacket money is due by September 27th.

Please make sure to take action photos of your SAE for future award applications. For every different SAE project at least 6 different action photos of 6 different tasks need to be taken.