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​​​​​Computer Aided Design (CAD)

This program area offers both exploration and continuation of drafting and design using AutoCAD software. Students can participate in SkillsUSA, a career and technical student organization, focused on preparing students for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations. Free dual credit opportunities are available through State Fair Community College.
Entry-level Career Options: 

Recommended Post-Secondary Schools: 
State Fair Community College
State Technical College of Missouri​

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD I)

Through a combination of hands-on exercises and drawing problems, this course introduces the student to computer-aided design and drafting by using the AutoCAD software. Although the majority of the class will be 2 dimensional drafting, some aspect of 3 dimensions drafting will be explored. By the end of the course, you will be able to successfully draw and dimension any 2 dimensional plans that could be used in actual construction. Some career opportunities include game design, drafting, construction, cabinet-making, interior design, architecture, manufacturing, and engineering. Free dual credit opportunity listed below.

Recommendation: Must be able to work independently
Prerequisites: Algebra I and Geometry
Maximum Capacity: 10 students per class
Juniors and seniors
1 unit (non-repeatable)
State Fair Community College Course: EDT 111 Introduction to Engineering Design (3 credits)

Computer Aided Drafting II (CAD II)

Students continue at a higher-level of drafting through the study of 3D problems and exercises while using the AutoCAD software. The AutoCAD topics covered in this course include a quick review of all topics covered in AutoCAD I, and more in-depth topics developing 3D designs and possible animation. Additionally, students will be asked to draft projects that can be printed on the 3D printer. These projects will be used as models to aid in construction in the Advanced Woodworking Classes. This will give the students an ability to see a projects evolution from the concept to design then assembly. Free dual credit opportunity listed below.

Recommendation: Must be able to work independently
Prerequisites: Computer Aided Drafting I
Course Expectation: 1 project printed per week
Maximum Capacity: 10 students per class
1 unit (non-repeatable)
State Fair Community College Course: EDT 115 Advanced Engineering Design (3 credits)

​​Instructor: Mr. Jesse Allen 

I have graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelors of Science in Education (1994), and a Masters of Science in Special Education (1999). I have earned continuous career education certificates in Social Studies (7-12), General Science (7-9), and Carpentry (S-P). I am also a journeyman floor installer and am a sole proprietor of my own installation business. I am also the proud owner of rental property in both Boone County and Osage County.